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Wall lights by Aptilite

Aptilite currently makes wall lights that are 10 - 12 inches in diameter and are designed to hang on a picture hook. As of June 2014, our wall lights are portable, meaning that they aren't hard wired. This makes them easy to move and means that you don't need an electrician to install them. Because of this, a wire will come down from the light to a wall outlet. Our wall lights are also LED-based and use warm white LEDs produced by Philips, a Dutch Company. They produce warm, safe, efficient light and the fixtures have been make from recyclable aluminum and other materials, depending on the diffuser.

These lights use various diffusers to produce unique looks and are meant to be accent lights. The diffusers that we have in stock will vary. Popular designs will be duplicated, others will be replaced with new designs. Common materials used in our diffusers are acrylic or polycarbonate plastic, lampshade mica, and vintage vinyl LPs. Here are a few examples of our wall lights that use different diffusers to create different effects. The lights which used colored vinyl LP records are available in limited quantities because the records can be hard to find and the colors which appear are fairly random.

A wall light A wall light A wall light A wall light
Vinyl record diffuser Acrylic & mica diffuser Acrylic diffusers Acrylic diffusers
A wall light A wall light A wall light A wall light
Study in blue & red Acrylic kaliedoscope Acrylic gear shape Vinyl record diffuser

We've got some other wall lights under development, but there's so much flexibility with the current design that we haven't gotten very far with our unrelated designs. Right now it looks like those other designs might be next winter's "cabin fever project", we'll see what happens. These lights use warm white LEDs but the color of the diffuser really controls the effect.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We're very excited about this and we think you will be too, especially after you try a few of them.

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