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Aptilite LLC is a manufacturer of 3D printed objects and creative lighting products located in Biddeford, Maine. Our 3D printed products are mostly ornamental and have been designed in house. Our luminaires have been designed specifically to produce dramatic and efficient light using LEDs in an aesthetic, artistic design. We make them using the best UL listed and registered parts we can find anywhere and we locally source as much as we can. Our luminaires and light fixtures are made to order and can be customized for each customer.

Most of our 3D printed designs are different from traditionally 3D printed items because we only print our own designs and because wherever possible, we create the underlying gcode used by the printer using math instead of CAD tools and slicers. We still use the traditional tools where they make sense, but objects printed from raw gcode are lighter and more esthetic.

Aptilite was originally started to create unique LED lighting but our focus has shifted to 3D printing, but we experiment with new and interesting designs on both fronts.

home/products - about - contact

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