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3D printed objects by Aptilite

Aptilite has been getting into a variety of interesing 3D printed projects lately and we're very encouraged by the reception that we've gotten at furniture and craft shows. Almost everything is made from PLA plastic which is considered to be compostable. They are should be kept away from heat and flame and are not dishwasher safe.

Most of what we make has been made using an unconventional and time consuming process. The instructions used by the 3D printer have all been mathematically generated using trigonometry, geometry, and algebra in a spreadsheet and the finished product is made from one continuous bead of extruded plastic whose shape is determined by the formulas in the spreadsheet. For the pieces that don't use standard CAD/Slicer technology, the lightness and clean tool paths seen in these items will surprise anyone familiar with 3D printing.

The availability of colors depends on the filament we can purchase. The marketplace for 3D printing supplies is very dynamic and our ability to get additional product in a particular color is sometimes limited.

Ornamental stars

Ornamental Star Ornamental Star Ornamental Star
Large 8-pt Star Ornaments Large 8-pt Star

Hanging designs

Hanging sphere Hanging sphere Hanging sphere
Flowers The Patriot Act Hanging sphere

Ornamental designs

Hanging sphere Hanging sphere Hanging sphere
Useless 1.25 Infinity 6 Infinity 6 & 11

Please contact us if you have any questions. We're very excited by the seemingly limitless design possibilities and would be happy to discuss other shapes.

home/products - about - contact

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