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Aptilite is proud to offer the L16, an LED-based UL/CUL listed linear light fixture designed to light store windows.

Yellow store window Blue store window White store window

Initial projections indicate that the L16 will save enough electricity to pay for itself in three to four years of use, and will keep saving you money after that. In some cases, you might decide that big improvements in the quality of the light are as important as saving energy and for roughly the same power consumption, you can enjoy vastly brighter and more attractive lighting.

UL file number E348810

We're also excited to announce that we're offering a limited number of our new S10 LED-based wall sconce to anyone who's interested in a wall light made by artfully combining the latest generation of LEDs and drivers.

Aptilite completed its move from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Biddeford, Maine in the summer of 2013. The new space is in a renovated mill building and we've built a simulated store window in the new space to help us create even better store window lighting. We'll post a few pictures once we get everything organized.

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