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3D printed suncatcher 3D printed clock face Ornamental design 3D printed Hanging sphere Red & Blue wall light

3D Printed Home Decor

Aptilite produces a variety of unusual and unexpected 3D printed and LED based items for both residential and commercial environments. We envision that the designs will change periodically and we know that in the 3D printing world the available colors tend to come and go, so don't hesitate to buy something if you like it. Here's a breakdown:

3D printed LED Tea light holders:
All tea light holders come with a battery operated LED powered tea light which is 1.5" in diameter. We believe the holders will hold the rechargeable tea lights used in commercial settings, please call if you you have any questions.

3D printed Suncatchers:
Suncatchers are decorative objects frequently hung in windows to catch the sun. We've developed a line of 3D printed suncatchers in bright colors to add a little sparkle to your windows.

3D printed Wall Clocks:
We make a few wall clocks where the clock face is 3D printed in a variety of colorful patterns. The clock mechanism is battery operated and is the same commodity item found in the majority of battery operated wall clocks.

Other 3D printed items:
We also make some hanging sculptures and holiday ornaments. This is where you'll find them for the time being.

LED Lighting

Aptilite has also produced a variety of LED powered light fixtures. Although our 3D printed designs are the focus of our current efforts, we want to show off some of the light fixtures that we've created over the years:

Ceiling lights:
Aptilite has produced a number of hanging lights. They're primarily designed to be very functional and efficient work lights, but with a style that brings a level of abstract art to the fixture.

Wall lights:
Aptilite has also made several wall lights and they're all basically variations on a theme. A 10-inch disc of Aluminum is the foundation of the light. LEDs are attached to the disc, and then a variety of materials are used as light diffusers. These include laser cut plexiglas and vintage color vinyl LPs.

Top Shelf lights:
We've come up with the idea of a light designed to sit on top of a bookshelf, wall unit, or maybe even an armoire. It's sort of like a floor lamp that uses a separate piece of furniture as its base.

Store Window lights:
Our first commercial product was the L16 store window light. We started in the city of Portsmouth, NH with its quaint and touristy city with hundreds of small retail shops and the lack of quality lighting for store display windows was impossible to ignore.

home/products - about - contact

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